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  • Jayson Czerniak

    Jayson bridges the time honored values of manufacturing with a perspective on process improvement. 3rd Generation Machinist, Business Owner and Entrepreneur.  After joining the family business full time in 1998, Jayson has spent thousands of hours (many long days and weekends) mastering the machining trade.  Over the past 15 years Jayson has been responsible for […]

  • Hal Harter

    2nd Generation to have the same name (Harold Harter II) and the 1st in his family to enter the machining industry. (We are so happy he did).  For the past 13 years Hal has been at the center of daily operations where he demonstrates his remarkable ability to pivot, respond and get things done.  From […]

  • Jay Czerniak

    Soft spoken, full of common sense and ready to listen, 2nd Generation Machinist, Business Owner and Father of 7,  Jay has been the go to guy for many local manufacturers for the past 30 years. Not many can match Jay’s ability to relate with customers and help them determine what it is that they actually […]


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